PPE Program

The West Olympia Business Association (WOBA) recognizes the immense impact of the pandemic on our local business community. To support the community, WOBA will proceed with a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) distribution program over the next several weeks. Hand sanitizer and face masks will be available to all local businesses free of charge until supplies run out. This program is available to all area businesses.

President Wes Weller invites all local business to take part by obtaining free PPE supplies, stating “Membership in WOBA is not required, as safety is a community-wide responsibility. WOBA is proud to play a big part in the safety of our community by organizing this distribution program. We encourage you to learn more about WOBA membership and resources; your membership helps make programs like this possible for our community’s health.”

As the voice of West Olympia business, by providing these important safety tools, WOBA is communicating that West Olympia businesses are open to the public and are practicing safe re-opening standards. In conjunction with Shop Local efforts, our business community is taking consumer safety seriously and welcomes the shopping public to West Olympia.

This program is in partnership with the city of Olympia, the Thurston EDC, and Thurston Strong.

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