Who We Are:

The West Olympia Business Association is an organization that supports the goals of the West Olympia business community. 

10 yeasIn addition to offering great programs, fellowship, and networking opportunities, the association is a highly effective advocate for West Olympia issues. For example, thanks to our efforts work has begun to dramatically improve Harrison Avenue and the Mud Bay Road corridor. We also foster relationships and improved communications with the city, TRPC, neighborhoods and citizens. Through the efforts of our comprehensive plan task force we have begun the work of ensuring the planning process responsive to the unique needs of the West Olympia Community.

WOBA continues to grow, expanding our potential as an organization and the benefits we bring to our members. If you are a West Olympia Business, consider joining us so that you are sure to receive announcements and invitations and benefit from access to all of the opportunities enjoyed by our members.

Mission Statement: To promote prosperity and a vibrant community by serving as the voice for West Olympia business.