City of Olympia updates sidewalk use policies for businesses during COVID-19

City sidewalk use for vending and restaurant dining has been simplified

The City of Olympia wants to make operating your business during the COVID19 Pandemic as user-friendly as possible. In an effort to do so, they have updated their internal procedures for sidewalk vending and worked with their partners at the LCB to remove barriers.

Outdoor Liquor Sales

  • A new LCB approved program for outdoor sidewalk cafe alcohol service
  • No railing or City permit fees required
  • Olympia staff will come to you to assist in setting up for LCB and City compliance

*LCB approval is restricted to businesses that hold a “Restaurant Liquor License”

Retail establishments with Interior Sales and Curbside Pickup

The City is here to help enhance outdoor street vending opportunities with:

  • Streamlined sidewalk vending requirements
  • Outdoor sidewalk striping for safety protocols
  • Dedicated curbside pickup parking stalls

Contact the City of Olympia for more information

email: or text: 360-480-0362